Adsorbents for Olefin Purification

BASF's extensive line of alumina adsorbent products removes contaminants, such as AsH3, PH3, COS, and H2S, from olefin streams. Effluent levels of less than 5 ppbw (parts per billion by weight) in the liquid phase of propylene have been observed.
Selexsorb AS
Selexsorb AS is an alumina-based, smooth spherical adsorbent that contains a promoter for optimum adsorption capacity of arsine, phosphine, and stibine. It also has an affinity for sulfides, such as carbonyl sulfide and carbon disulfide.
Selexsorb COS
Selexsorb COS is a smooth, spherical adsorbent with demonstrated removal of COS, CO2, H2S, and CS2 from hydrocarbon streams. It is typically considered part of the performance protection and enhancement program for any refinery or petrochemical catalyst that is sensitive to sulfur compounds.
Selexsorb HG
Selexsorb HG is a pelleted, steam activated carbon impregnated with sulfur. It is primarily used for the removal of mercury vapor from natural gas and hydrogen streams.
Selexsorb CD
Selexsorb CD is a smooth, spherical adsorbent customized to provide optimum adsorption for several polar organic compounds including: oxygenated hydrocarbons, mercaptans, and nitrogen-based molecules. Its ability to remove water and trace contaminants from carbon dioxide is outstanding.
Selexsorb CDO
Selexsorb CDO is a specially prepared alumina adsorbent with relatively low soda, high Lewis acidity, and very low Bronsted acidity. It is also useful in removing oxygenated hydrocarbons from comonomer streams in polyethylene production processes.
Selexsorb CDX
Selexsorb CDX is an alumina-based, smooth, spherical adsorbent that is custom formulated to provide optimum adsorption capacity for a wide range of polar organic compounds. It also removes a variety of nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen-based organic contaminants from liquid hydrocarbon feedstreams as well as catalytic processes.
F-200 is a smooth sphere of activated alumina that is an excellent desiccant for a wide variety of liquid and gas drying. Its properties include uniform ball size, high crush strength, low abrasion, and high adsorptive capacity.
HF-200 is a smooth, spherical alumina which has proven to be useful in removing free HF and organic fluorides from HF alkylation product streams. Its excellent physical strength, low abrasion loss, and low silica content help extend the service life and minimize valve plugging.
Selexcat is a spherical catalyst for the hydrolysis of COS impurities in light hydrocarbon gas or liquid streams. Its properties include high macroporosity for improved diffusion rates and high surface area for enhanced activity. The addition of a promoter generates exceptionally high conversion rates.
E-315 sorbent is formulated on a proprietary spherical alumina support to remove arsine and sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon streams.
Prosorb is a sorbent catalyst for purifying propylene streams to a level adequate for use with the high-yielded polymerization catalysts.
Puristar R0-20
Puristar R0-20 is a robust, metal catalyst composed of palladium on an alumina carrier. It is used as a "Deoxo Catalyst" because it is primarily used for the removal of O2 and/or H2 from gas streams. It can also be used for the purification of nitrogen, argon, and CO2.
Puristar R3-12
Puristar R3-12 is an arsine treater catalyst. It is widely used for polymer-grade propylene purification and in guard beds for protecting noble metal catalysts from arsenic and sulfur. Its outstanding ability to react with arsenic and sulfur are due to its high surface area and the ultra-fine size of its copper crystallite.
Puristar R3-16
Puristar R3-16 is a high efficiency CuZn catalyst which is specifically made for the purification of polymer-grade ethylene. It also removes trace amounts of acetylene, arsine, phosphine, or sulfur that may be present in the ethylene feed.
Puristar R3-17
Puristar R3-17 is a high capacity, copper oxide catalyst for CO removal from liquid hydrocarbon streams at ambient temperatures.
Puristar R9-12
Puristar R9-12 is a high capacity, PbO catalyst for removal of arsine from hydrogen rich cracked gases.

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